The Best Free Fonts in the Creative Industry

The Best Free Fonts in the Creative Industry

The Times New Roman is not the only font in the creative industry. In case you were wondering there are plenty more fonts that online casino gaming developers make use of, there are hundreds if not thousands of fonts in the creative industry right now. You will want to express yourself in a unique and modern way.  If the old font styles do not do the trick for you, then why not go for the new? Therefore, this article is going to be giving you some of the best fonts that you can make use of as a creative for free!

Young Serif

This font type may look simple, but it comes with over 340 glyphs in both single and medium weight. With such a diverse choice of glyphs, this font can support several languages. It was inspired by fonts like Italian Old Style to give you the vintage, heavy letterforms that are accompanied by serifs in brackets. Also, Young Serif is a creation of popular designer, Bastien Sozeau. Additionally, is distributed by one of the best studios for creative, Upload.


Cormorant can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.  It was created by Christian Thalmann, who is also a part of Catharsis Fonts. Also, it has been described by some critics as one of the most elegant fonts in the formal sector. Even though the font is inspired by the Claude Garamont type faces of the 16th century, the font is quite unique and independent. The best part is that most of the designs were made from scratch in order to allow to express yourself in a formal way.


Download the Alegreya font for free and get a chance to express your art alongside one of the most unique fonts on the market right now. The font is an award winner and was created by Juan Pablo del Peral.  According to the Argentinian designer, the font was created with for those who are into book designing.  The font is there for those who will be reading long texts and brings a new touch to the calligraphic style.


Free fonts are not meant to be cliché and boring.  They also come with a new touch to the old, tired fonts that most creators are used to. The Restora font is fun and captivating. It was created by Nasir Udin and comes with a new mixture of both the old and the new. The font is quite versatile and can be used in branding, normal text as well as book covers.  You will 16 font types to pick from including swash and italics.


If you were wondering what fashion magazines use for their covers, Emberly is your go to font. The font comes with a mixture of both the classic and modern fonts. Designed by Rajesh Rajput, the font takes its inspiration from the popular Didone style of writing. Also, apart from magazine cover, you can also get to use the font for designing various projects like, logo design, posters and headlines.

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