The Best Stationery Shops to Kick Start Your Creativity

Being a creative comes with a lot of work and dedication. But, the last thing that you need is stressing about where you are going to be getting the next canvas and pencils. After winning your online casino real money, you will want to upgrade your stationery. Therefore, this article has lined up some of the best online stationery shops in 2021.


This brand will make sure to give you some of the best quality in terms of everything that has to do with paper. The beautiful stationery company was started by Carina Lawson. Also the brand has been specifically created for women empowerment. It is meant to make them happy and organized in their creativity while giving them the fullness that they need.


Papergang was created by OhhDeer and is more distinctive than the other stationery stores online. The brand will give creative a chance to chip in and come up with life changing unique ideas. After, you will have your goods delivered at your doorstep. The brand has worked with some of the biggest creative including Ciara LeRoy and Jessica Forgie.  Also, they work hard in giving back to the environment by planting a tree after selling four boxes. So far, they have planted 40 000 trees.

Martha Brook

According to Martha Brook, all they needed to create this brand was a printer. The brand is based in London and was created back in 2013.  The founder, Martha Brook proudly states that she has been a stationery addict ever since she was 10 years old. She decided to put this love into action by creating this brand and it has been a hit ever since.

Before Breakfast

This brand prides itself in making sustainable handmade goods. The Before Breakfast is based in London and is still regarded as the “new kid on the block” in the creative industry. The independent company has a studio in Highbury & Islington and makes sure that everything form the printing, binding and the whole process is done traditionally. Additionally, they make sure to select the best materials for creative people in an environmentally conducive area.


If you are looking for quality, sustainable stationery that is traditionally crafted, then Osity is the brand that you are looking for.  All the design inspirations are taken from a printer’s workshop. Osity was founded by Sarah Wood-Lane whose family that runs a printing business. Also, they make sure that they protect nature by suing recycled materials.

The Journal Shop

The Journal Shop is under Notable designs, a brand that has been dedicated to making sure that they provide their clients with the best refined stationery. They have been in business for 10 years and their products have been stylish and up to standard ever since. According to their ethos, a creative must be able to curate, travel and bring their good designs at home. It caters for their clients in the UK and expands to the Middle East as well.

The Best Free Fonts in the Creative Industry

The Times New Roman is not the only font in the creative industry. In case you were wondering there are plenty more fonts that online casino gaming developers make use of, there are hundreds if not thousands of fonts in the creative industry right now. You will want to express yourself in a unique and modern way.  If the old font styles do not do the trick for you, then why not go for the new? Therefore, this article is going to be giving you some of the best fonts that you can make use of as a creative for free!

Young Serif

This font type may look simple, but it comes with over 340 glyphs in both single and medium weight. With such a diverse choice of glyphs, this font can support several languages. It was inspired by fonts like Italian Old Style to give you the vintage, heavy letterforms that are accompanied by serifs in brackets. Also, Young Serif is a creation of popular designer, Bastien Sozeau. Additionally, is distributed by one of the best studios for creative, Upload.


Cormorant can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.  It was created by Christian Thalmann, who is also a part of Catharsis Fonts. Also, it has been described by some critics as one of the most elegant fonts in the formal sector. Even though the font is inspired by the Claude Garamont type faces of the 16th century, the font is quite unique and independent. The best part is that most of the designs were made from scratch in order to allow to express yourself in a formal way.


Download the Alegreya font for free and get a chance to express your art alongside one of the most unique fonts on the market right now. The font is an award winner and was created by Juan Pablo del Peral.  According to the Argentinian designer, the font was created with for those who are into book designing.  The font is there for those who will be reading long texts and brings a new touch to the calligraphic style.


Free fonts are not meant to be cliché and boring.  They also come with a new touch to the old, tired fonts that most creators are used to. The Restora font is fun and captivating. It was created by Nasir Udin and comes with a new mixture of both the old and the new. The font is quite versatile and can be used in branding, normal text as well as book covers.  You will 16 font types to pick from including swash and italics.


If you were wondering what fashion magazines use for their covers, Emberly is your go to font. The font comes with a mixture of both the classic and modern fonts. Designed by Rajesh Rajput, the font takes its inspiration from the popular Didone style of writing. Also, apart from magazine cover, you can also get to use the font for designing various projects like, logo design, posters and headlines.

How to Tap Into Your Inner Creativity in 2021

Tapping into your creative side can be quite difficult.  It is so easy to drift and lose focus on your work. Therefore, there is a need to always try and better yourself as an artiste. You may have a lot of work and expectations waiting for you but you feel you may have reached a dead end as an artiste. Here are some tips on how you can get to find your creative side again in 2021. You might just design the next big online casino slot game after reading this article.

Know Your Capabilities

The first reason why you may be in a snag is because you are setting unrealistic goals.  There is need for you to know what you can and cannot do before accepting a task. That way, you will not end up feeling a lot of pressure and not reaching your full potential as an artiste. 

For example, you may not be able to work on two or more projects in one go. Or, you may not be able to work specific projects because your talent does not expand to that department. You are the one who knows what you can and cannot do, therefore, work with that.

Creativity Needs Time

 You will have to be time conscious if you are going to be creative. For some, you can be in full creative mode in the morning. On the other hand, some work better at midnight.  Therefore, there is need for you to take your time. A lot of people who have worked with creative people acknowledge the fact that most people produce their best when they are given the time they need.  

Find a Mentor

 But this time, not just any mentor.  IF you are older, then find someone who is fresh and younger.  They will help you keep up with trends and open your eyes to what the 21st century is all about. Your ideas are not going to always be fresh, your clients are going to want new work from you. Therefore, you will need to be open minded. Accept that a person 20- years younger than you can have something better to offer to the market than you do.

A Routine Change

Take time to experiment in new things, you never know what will spark your creativity. Using the same old routine may curb new creative thoughts from coming to you.  You can try taking a week off, find new hobbies, make new friends and let loose. For some, you can even take it to extremes by relocating> Being a creative person means you have to fun and spontaneous.

Procrastination is the Thief of Talent

 You can carry a notebook or a note pad around. That way, whenever an idea pops into your head, you can quickly jot it down.  Do not wait until you get home in 2 or more hours.  It is easy for an idea to slip away as you absorb more information. At times, you do not have to wait for an idea to pop up before you write or design something. Just start typing or drawing and the rest will fall into place.

Foods That Will Help with Your Creativity

At times, the reasons why you may not be as creative is because you are into eating the right foods.  And, this can also have an impact on your online casino gaming.  Food is meant to contribute in different ways when it comes to our day to day activity. Therefore, we have decided to compile a list of some of the best foods that can help you better your brain and make you more creative.


A lot of people in the creative industry use this as an excuse to eat donuts, biscuits and all the bad, sugary carbs.  But, there are good healthy carbs that you can feast on and still get to jumpstart your creativity. Whole grain carbs means you will not be eating processed food, but, you will a lot more nutrients to like healthy fats, fiber, protein and so many more. Other carbs that you can eat include Oats, Brown Rice and Quinoa.

Fresh Fruits

Yummy, sweet, juicy and products from Mother Nature will definitely kick start your creativity. Not only will they make you creative, but, they will help you get a lot healthier as well. Fruits are a good choice when you are in the middle of your job and in need of a quick healthy snack. There are large range of fruits that you can feast on and they all come with different nutrients.

Red Wine

You may be shocked that you can boost your creativity when you are under the influence. But, the finalities will need to be done when you get sober.  If you feel uptight and down, then maybe a little alcohol will help you cool down. At times, you may be under a lot of pressure from work, and that can have a negative impact on your creativity as well.   Also, according to studies, a glass of red wine can help you sleep. And, as an artiste you are going to need as much rest as possible.


 There are so many benefits that come with drinking coffee. Coffee is good for your gut, it can help give you more energy, and it will keep you alert. All these things are exactly what a creative needs. According to research, you can use coffee to stimulate and prompt a tired and worn out brain. But, everything will need to be taken in moderation. Too much coffee can affect your cognitive function as well.


There is a myth that eating a fish’s head will make you smarter. Is this true or false?  Well, it has some certain level of truth to it. Generally, fish is rich in omega fatty acids. And, it is not only limited to the head.  For example, salmon has been regarded to be good food for the brain. Not only will it help you improve your memory, but it can make your mood better as well. And, that, can help you be in the right space and energy to help you create good art.

Creative Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2021

 You cannot master something in one go despite how talented you are. For example, you may have to lose a few online casino games before finally grasping the concept. The road to creative writing is no walk in the park.  You are bound to make a lot of mistakes and miscalculations. But, this article is going to make sure that you avoid some of these mistakes. Here are common creative writing mistakes you can avoid after reading this article.

Boring Introductions

The introduction is supposed to entice your reader and make them want to read more. Therefore, you will have to give it your all. The body may be interesting or really good, but, you have to make sure that your reader stays long enough to be able to read through. However, take note, it is easy to get carried away and spoil the surprises or even confuse the reader. Therefore, your introduction has to be carefully plotted.

Too Many Characters

 If you are writing a book, including too many characters will end up confusing your reader. If there is need for that many characters, then you will need a tactical way of introducing them.  For example, you will find that some writers can give each character their own chapters. Here they get to tell their story in their town and angle and add in even more characters. But, these are introduced strategically in a way that will not confuse the reader.

A Lot of Hard Words

Not everyone is on the same level as you grammatically. Therefore, you will have to strive to use simple words. Additionally, make sure that your work comes in smaller paragraphs. It is easy for one opt lose interest in chunky text that is hard to read. Therefore, using tools like YOAST can help keep you in check by telling you when your paragraphs are too long.

Over Describing

You can get carried away describing events. We understand that you may want to drive the point home.But, remember, with reading, the rest is left to the reader’s imagination. You cannot capture every detail. Trying to be descriptive will make your text unnecessarily longer and you will end up missing the vital aspects for your story.

Shying Away From Sharing

 Criticism is hard to accept. But, one person’s criticism is better than having thousands of people bashing your work. It is easy to miss mistakes in your own writing. Therefore, why not get someone to help you out. Join literature communities. Get to learn more while sharing your work with other expert writers.

Not Researching

 In order to get your facts right, you have to research. Therefore, pick a topic and read extensively on that topic. That way, the reader can easily get to relate and they will have confidence in your work. Misinformed literature makes you less credible as a writer. If the events t you are talking about are historical, then go back in history and align your facts.

Boost Your Creativity with These Fun Apps

Going to a job that will need you bring in creative ideas all the time can be draining. If online casino gaming is not enough to help give you the spark you need, then this article might do the trick. Here are different apps that you can use to help you boost your creativity.


Having a creative block is one of the most common problems that creative people have to deal with. At some point, your audience are going to want something fresh and different. Therefore, if you are struggling to get that game changing idea, then maybe you can try Unstuck. 

Also, the app will come to you in the form of a coach. Meaning, you are going to be asked a series of questions and you may be asked to complete some tasks to track progress. Additionally, it will help you identify what could possibly blocking your creativity and how you can tackle the problem.


TED will provide you with the best community platform to help inspire you and give you the boost you need. Here, you can get to see other people tap into their creativity and possibly help give you the next big idea. Also, TED app is readily available for mobile use. You can literally find anything on this platform from environmental talks, entertainment, finance, sports and so many more. Having an audience to your ideas can help in giving feedback of how you can get to improve as an artiste alongside what you can and cannot change.


This app is the best app to give your brain the boost that it needs when it’s tired and worn out.  Therefore, you will be given different activities that you can do that will help you spark your imagination.  And, to make it fun, you can get to do morning workouts for your brain as well by scheduling the daily Brainsparker option. This will give you over 200 prompts that you can use for your exercises.

Inkflow Visual Notebook

A lot of artistes have gotten some of their most brilliant ideas from doodling. If you are a doodler, then the Inkflow Visual Notebook is your go to app. The app will turn your thoughts into visuals. Therefore, it is more of a virtual notepad. Meaning, you can get to draw or type out your ideas as they come in. you will not have to miss out on an idea because you did not have a pen and a paper.  You will have everything that you need handy on your phone.

Inspiration Maps

This is one fun and yet sophisticated app that you can use to spark up your creativity. The app is meant to bring order to your ideas. That way, they will not be jumbled up and senseless. Therefore, once your ideas start flowing in while brainstorm, the app will give you an orderly layout that you can use to give you visuals and help everything make sense.