Boost Your Creativity with These Fun Apps

Boost Your Creativity with These Fun Apps

Going to a job that will need you bring in creative ideas all the time can be draining. If online casino gaming is not enough to help give you the spark you need, then this article might do the trick. Here are different apps that you can use to help you boost your creativity.


Having a creative block is one of the most common problems that creative people have to deal with. At some point, your audience are going to want something fresh and different. Therefore, if you are struggling to get that game changing idea, then maybe you can try Unstuck. 

Also, the app will come to you in the form of a coach. Meaning, you are going to be asked a series of questions and you may be asked to complete some tasks to track progress. Additionally, it will help you identify what could possibly blocking your creativity and how you can tackle the problem.


TED will provide you with the best community platform to help inspire you and give you the boost you need. Here, you can get to see other people tap into their creativity and possibly help give you the next big idea. Also, TED app is readily available for mobile use. You can literally find anything on this platform from environmental talks, entertainment, finance, sports and so many more. Having an audience to your ideas can help in giving feedback of how you can get to improve as an artiste alongside what you can and cannot change.


This app is the best app to give your brain the boost that it needs when it’s tired and worn out.  Therefore, you will be given different activities that you can do that will help you spark your imagination.  And, to make it fun, you can get to do morning workouts for your brain as well by scheduling the daily Brainsparker option. This will give you over 200 prompts that you can use for your exercises.

Inkflow Visual Notebook

A lot of artistes have gotten some of their most brilliant ideas from doodling. If you are a doodler, then the Inkflow Visual Notebook is your go to app. The app will turn your thoughts into visuals. Therefore, it is more of a virtual notepad. Meaning, you can get to draw or type out your ideas as they come in. you will not have to miss out on an idea because you did not have a pen and a paper.  You will have everything that you need handy on your phone.

Inspiration Maps

This is one fun and yet sophisticated app that you can use to spark up your creativity. The app is meant to bring order to your ideas. That way, they will not be jumbled up and senseless. Therefore, once your ideas start flowing in while brainstorm, the app will give you an orderly layout that you can use to give you visuals and help everything make sense.

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