Foods That Will Help with Your Creativity

Foods That Will Help with Your Creativity

At times, the reasons why you may not be as creative is because you are into eating the right foods.  And, this can also have an impact on your online casino gaming.  Food is meant to contribute in different ways when it comes to our day to day activity. Therefore, we have decided to compile a list of some of the best foods that can help you better your brain and make you more creative.


A lot of people in the creative industry use this as an excuse to eat donuts, biscuits and all the bad, sugary carbs.  But, there are good healthy carbs that you can feast on and still get to jumpstart your creativity. Whole grain carbs means you will not be eating processed food, but, you will a lot more nutrients to like healthy fats, fiber, protein and so many more. Other carbs that you can eat include Oats, Brown Rice and Quinoa.

Fresh Fruits

Yummy, sweet, juicy and products from Mother Nature will definitely kick start your creativity. Not only will they make you creative, but, they will help you get a lot healthier as well. Fruits are a good choice when you are in the middle of your job and in need of a quick healthy snack. There are large range of fruits that you can feast on and they all come with different nutrients.

Red Wine

You may be shocked that you can boost your creativity when you are under the influence. But, the finalities will need to be done when you get sober.  If you feel uptight and down, then maybe a little alcohol will help you cool down. At times, you may be under a lot of pressure from work, and that can have a negative impact on your creativity as well.   Also, according to studies, a glass of red wine can help you sleep. And, as an artiste you are going to need as much rest as possible.


 There are so many benefits that come with drinking coffee. Coffee is good for your gut, it can help give you more energy, and it will keep you alert. All these things are exactly what a creative needs. According to research, you can use coffee to stimulate and prompt a tired and worn out brain. But, everything will need to be taken in moderation. Too much coffee can affect your cognitive function as well.


There is a myth that eating a fish’s head will make you smarter. Is this true or false?  Well, it has some certain level of truth to it. Generally, fish is rich in omega fatty acids. And, it is not only limited to the head.  For example, salmon has been regarded to be good food for the brain. Not only will it help you improve your memory, but it can make your mood better as well. And, that, can help you be in the right space and energy to help you create good art.

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