Sleep Apnea

Top Four Sleep Apnea Aids To get Online

The number of persons suffering from sleep apnea is increasing at a high rate. Signs range from trouble sleeping to chronic snoring. This condition can become dangerous if not well attended to. Patients who suffer from this condition can be depressed, develop high blood pressure and also suffer from congestive heart failure. It is important to seek medical attention by the following are stuff you can buy online to aid with this problem at home.

Sleep Apnea Pillow

You can try these pillows as it designed to help you from rolling on you back. Sleep apnea is a condition that makes you snore uncontrollably. This position allows the tongue to fall back and block the throat and it leads to heavy breathing. The pillow supports resting on one side as it pulls the jaw forward.

CPAP Machine

CPAP are initials which stand for Continuous Positive Airways Pressure. This machine is used for both day and night. The mask when worn keeping the airways clear and as it pushes air to the throat. Some masks are made to cover both the mouth and nose while others are made to cover the nose. It is important to get the one that you feel comfortable in. It is advisable to have insurance as it will cover the cost of this mask if the doctor directs you.

Oral Appliance

An oral appliance works just like the pillow by keeping by supporting the jaw forward and stopping soft tissues from obstructing the back of the throat. This mouthpiece is worn at night when one goes to bed. The dental impression kit customizes the mouth guard; it is important to have an oral appliance that has been approved for utilization by the Food and Drug Administration.

Nasal Strips

When it comes to combating sleep apnea, nasal strips are the most affordable option to get. The patients always peel the back off the strip which is used to keep the airways open if they are placed on the nose. Before putting it on it is crucial to wash and dry your nose as the adhesive won’t stick to oily skin. Place the strips on the nose and leave them till the morning.

Please, it is advisable to ask the doctors recommendation on the medication you are using. Sleep apnea should be monitored well by an expert or a physician who can make any adjustment required as need for a good sleep at night.